Ben Eagle



Cities are changing and so are their builders. They are cities built on craft and big ideas, and the ones who are creating them aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty. The benchmark for success has risen and those who are daring enough will rise up to meet it, wearing Dickies – the only brand that understands that you have to build the world you want to live in.

Art is freedom. It is being able to bend things most people only see as straight lines. For Ben Eagle, art is a way of life. Ben Veitch, aka Ben Eagle, is a Jo’burg-based illustrator and graphic designer with a passion for life, art and all its accoutrements.

Having no formal training, Ben first was drawn to graffiti which then propelled him forward into the world of art and where he finally settled into graphic design and illustration. By day Ben is the creative mind behind Battalion, an event production company, but by night he becomes an artistic whiz kid, creating personal illustrations and design. 

Largely influenced by his surroundings, especially sign-writing and graffiti found in and around the city, Ben photographs and documents as much of Johannesburg’s sign writing as he can. “I’ve got sketch books where I develop my own type and come up with ideas. I start digitally and end up screen printing by hand, which has been a great skill to learn.”

Ben’s history with Dickies, the American brand that has been around since 1922, began with his father who was a carpenter. 

"He was always in work-wear. That’s where I was introduced to Dickies. I am a huge fan of Dickies. I love what it stands for, I love that it’s got heritage and I love that it’s a cool brand without trying to be cool."
Ben Eagle

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