Jan Giebelmann



Cities are changing and so are their builders. They are cities built on craft and big ideas, and the ones who are creating them aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty. The benchmark for success has risen and those who are daring enough will rise up to meet it, wearing Dickies – the only brand that understands that you have to build the world you want to live in.

A tattoo can be thought of as an outward expression of an inward emotion or thought. For Jan “Munky” Giebelmann, tattooing is so much more- it’s a way of life. Munky Giebelmann is talented tattoo artist with a passion for permanent art and motorbikes.

For Munky, the moment he picked up a tattoo machine it became an immediate extension of his arm. Having worked under the guidance of John Edwards, co-owner of Taeoo Crew in London (then owner of Black Star) and Marcus van der Tuin, resident artist at Cape Town’s Wildfire (now working from Cape Electric), Munky formed his own personal tattooing style- traditional, with the use of bold colours and his own artistic quality. 

With as much enthusiasm for bikes as he has for tattooing, Munky is a man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, working on his bike and honing his trade. Munky is a guy who has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with the Dickies brand. Created in 1922, Dickies clothing is hardwearing, long lasting and awesome looking, making for the perfect match for Jan “Munky” Giebelmann.

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