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Men's Bottoms

What does today’s professional, sporty, family-driven man want in the men’s bottoms he wears? We know. He wants comfort, style and quality, and he wants it all to be as versatile and functional as he is in everything he tackles. We have a comprehensive range of Dickies men’s bottoms that meet all the criteria in versatility, and tick all the right boxes in comfort, style and impeccable workmanship.

So, whether you’re in the market for a smart pair of professional slacks or trousers, a good pair of jeans that’ll stand the test of time, or even just a well-fitting pair of dress or running shorts, we have the cut and look to fill the role.

At Dickies, we strive to unite our style with your drive. Because we know what you need to feel comfortable and confident in your day.

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Where to buy men’s bottoms?

Click the link above or click here now, we’ll take you straight to our categories page, where you can shop online from the comfort of home – no more tiresome malls and shopping centres. No more queues and crowds.

You’ll find what you need in our vast range of men’s bottoms apparel. And you find the men’s bottoms apparel that suits your style, and your particular specifications.

Here are just a few premium selections from Dickies men’s bottoms:

Dickies Jeans

Available in two masculine versions, the Pennsylvania Selvedge, and the North Carolina, Dickies jeans are the workhorse men’s bottom’s in our trouser family. Hand-sewn with your comfort in mind, they’ll be with you for as long as you need them to be.

Workhorses, yes, but that doesn’t detract from their beauty in design. No baggies or pipe shapings here – Dickies jeans always fit great, no matter your size or shape.

The Dickies 847 Trouser Range

This a flagship in our men’s bottoms apparel line.

Suited more for the ‘dressy’ times, the 847 trousers come in slim-fit designs, perfectly geared to your comfort, body shape and height.

Each trouser is meticulously stitched and hand-sewn at the button – you’ll never feel ‘packed-in’ to your pants, and you’ll love the freedom of movement and the high-thread quality feel.

The Dickies 847 Trouser range is available in a range of colours, too.  

Dickies Shorts

The heat is back on – both weather-wise, and when you don a pair of Dickies shorts.

Perfect for a chilled summer day, the Dickies shorts range is a gamechanger for men’s bottoms apparel, weaving style snugly with great fits, so that you’re always looking good and feeling great in your outfit choice.

We have shorts designs that conquer the ‘dressy,’ the active and the relaxed, as you conquer your day creating, building or taking some down-time.

Check out our range for city, denim and jogger. 

Unite Your Style with Fashion-Function

The above are simply just a few in our comprehensive Dickies men’s bottoms apparel range.

We strive at all times to unite your style with practical fashion designs and choices. That’s because we know what you desire in your clothes – comfort and great looks. You, the artisan, the builder, the creator can’t have one without the other. 

Each of our items is designed with those features in mind, so that you can be comfortable and feel great, as you go about changing the world. Unite with Dickies for our iconic style and craftsmanship.

Mostly, though, Unite with Dickies because we’ll make you look great, while you do what it is you do best.

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  1. Dickies 847 Mens Shorts Bermuda
    Dickies 847 Mens Shorts Bermuda
    As low as R429.95
  2. Dickies 847 Bermuda Mens Shorts Peach
    Dickies 847 Bermuda Mens Shorts Peach
    As low as R429.95
  3. Dickies 847 Mens Trouser Aqua
    Dickies 847 Mens Trouser Aqua
    As low as R449.95
  4. Dickies Fsh 847 Trouser  Pumpkin
    Dickies Fsh 847 Trouser Pumpkin
    As low as R499.95
  5. Dickies Fsh 847 Trouser  Fern Green
    Dickies Fsh 847 Trouser Fern Green
    As low as R499.95
  6. Dickies Fsh 847 Trouser  Teal
    Dickies Fsh 847 Trouser Teal
    As low as R499.95
  7. Dickies 847 Trouser - Airforce
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Airforce
    As low as R399.00
  8. Dickies 847 Trouser - Spruce
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Spruce
    As low as R399.00
  9. Salton City Short
    Salton City Short
    As low as R499.95
  10. Dickies Kentucky Denim Short
    Dickies Kentucky Denim Short
    As low as R999.95
  11. Dickies  Slim Fit Pants
    Dickies Slim Fit Pants
    As low as R999.95
  12. Dickies 847 Trouser
    Dickies 847 Trouser
    As low as R399.00
  13. Dickies 847 Trouser
    Dickies 847 Trouser
    As low as R399.00
  14. Dickies Tape 847 Trouser
    Dickies Tape 847 Trouser
    As low as R499.00
  15. Rhode Island Jogger
    Rhode Island Jogger
    As low as R599.00
  16. Dickies Slim 847 Trouser
    Dickies Slim 847 Trouser
    As low as R429.00

16 Items

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