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Men's 847 Collection

Straightforward style and long-lasting quality: this is the secret to Dickies clothing. The dickies 847 collection is perfect for all hard workers who need more than just style from their clothes.  You already know that the brand has a range of items from work pants to work shirts, giving you comfort throughout your workday. But there’s much more to shop at Dickies online.

Shop Dickies 847 Collection

What else can you find at Dickies?

From hats and beanies, to pants and t-shirts, and sneakers and hoodies, our wide range of items means that there is something for everyone. 

Whether you are stuck in the office, or you’re having a field day outdoors, Dickies will keep you comfortable through it all. Our dickies 847 range is comfortable enough to wear even outside of the office.

We know that not everyone has the same style and that is why our men’s dickies 847 work pants come in different designs, allowing you to find your perfect fit. 

Dickies has become a household name as a brand that offers quality clothes and has been embraced by people that appreciate the practicality of our clothing even outside the work area. Our clothing has also been adopted by athletes because of the flexibility it offers while still withstanding strain.

What is your favorite Dickies look 847 look?

Do you like to dress up your 847 dickies pants with a pair of work boots to get the ultimate comfort and functionality as you work? Or maybe you rock a Dickies men’s hoodie every day of the week. Is the classic Eisenhower jacket your favourite item in your wardrobe?

Dickies has always been committed to producing men apparel that’s comfortable and durable but most importantly, practical. Our clothing has been trusted for decades and continues to prove itself with each item you purchase.

Where can I buy dickies 847?

Our online store is home to our entire range, including the dickies 847 original fit. Our web store is user-friendly and is designed to give you the best shopping experience. Whether you’re looking to shop the entire Dickies look, or just add a few items to your collection, our online store has just what you need.

We always have you in mind, that’s why our Dickies 847 South Africa online store allows you to easily find what you are looking for, hassle free. No need to leave your home to buy your favourite items. When you shop at Dickies, you get your items delivered right to your door.

How much do dickies 847 cost?

Our Dickies 847 collection comes in a range of affordable prices which suit all budgets.

The quality of our clothing gives you peace of mind knowing that whatever you buy will last and allow you to do everything you love.  Shop Dickies 847 South Africa today and get work wear that works as hard as you do.

If you are wondering what to buy next at Dickies South Africa, follow our social media pages to see some of our available items. Our Instagram and Twitter page are great ways to always stay up to date with what we’re up to.

So what are you waiting for? Visit our online store today and shop our 847 dickies range!

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  1. Dickies 847 Shirt  Olive
    Dickies 847 Shirt Olive
    As low as R399.00
  2. Dickies 847 Shirt  Silver Grey
    Dickies 847 Shirt Silver Grey
    As low as R399.00
  3. Dickies 847 Shirt  Navy
    Dickies 847 Shirt Navy
    As low as R399.00
  4. Dickies 847 Shirt  Black
    Dickies 847 Shirt Black
    As low as R399.00
  5. Dickies 847 Shirt  Taupe
    Dickies 847 Shirt Taupe
    As low as R399.00
  6. Dickies 847 Shirt  Khaki
    Dickies 847 Shirt Khaki
    As low as R399.00
  7. Dickies 847 Shirt  Chocolate
    Dickies 847 Shirt Chocolate
    As low as R399.00
  8. Dickies 847 Trouser - Pumpkin
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Pumpkin
    As low as R399.00
  9. Dickies 847 Shirt - Pumpkin
    Dickies 847 Shirt - Pumpkin
    As low as R399.00
  10. Dickies 847 Trouser - Fern Green
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Fern Green
    As low as R399.00
  11. Dickies 847 Trouser - Teal
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Teal
    As low as R399.00
  12. Dickies 847 Shirt - Teal
    Dickies 847 Shirt - Teal
    As low as R399.00
  13. Dickies 847 Trouser - Airforce
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Airforce
    As low as R399.00
  14. Dickies 847 Shirt - Airforce
    Dickies 847 Shirt - Airforce
    As low as R399.00
  15. Dickies 847 Trouser - Spruce
    Dickies 847 Trouser - Spruce
    As low as R399.00
  16. Dickies 847 Shirt - Spruce
    Dickies 847 Shirt - Spruce
    As low as R399.00
  17. Dickies 847 Trouser
    Dickies 847 Trouser
    As low as R399.00
  18. Dickies 847 Trouser
    Dickies 847 Trouser
    As low as R399.00
  19. Dickies Tape 847 Trouser
    Dickies Tape 847 Trouser
    As low as R699.00
  20. Dickies Slim 847 Trouser
    Dickies Slim 847 Trouser
    As low as R429.00

20 Items

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