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Men’s Outerwear

For the chillier months, our men’s outerwear range exists as testament to how we merge the joy of style, with the need for practicality and comfort. From hoodies, to jackets, to jumpers and much more, you’ll find the men’s outerwear solution you seek, when you visit our online store. And remember, when you shop men’s outerwear online with Dickies, you’re skipping those pesky queues, those unpleasant, crowded malls and the traffic you’ll have to sit in to get there. It’ll just be you and us, united. And that’s how we like it.

Shop our online store for more on our comprehensive men's clothing range, plus, perhaps some specials and deals thrown in.  

Shop Dickies Men's Outerwear for Sale

Where to buy men's outerwear?

Go no further - you’ve arrived. 

Whatever men’s outerwear you need, we have it present in our comprehensive range of clothing options for the colder times.

Whether a printed version that displays our iconic horseshoe logo, or something a little more low-key but cozy – even formal jackets that both please the eye of the onlooker, and the feel of the wearer. Go ahead, shop around, we know you’ll find what you need.

To break it down specifically, though, here are just a few members of our men’s outerwear range:

Men's Dickies Hoodies

Hip meets comfort, here.

Case in point, the San Antonio.

A one-of-a-kind design that catches the eye in a beautiful olive hue. Best of all: this one’s embossed with the famous Dickies Horseshoe logo. What more could you need in a hoodie?

Check it out.  

The Dickies Jumpers

Our jumpers fit an important bill – understated, yet brilliantly crafted.

A good example here would be our customer favourite – The TT Goodland crew.

You can see just in the weave of its make up that this jumper will delight in both warmth and modesty in styling.

Have a look.

Men's Dickies Jackets

Here we’ve come to the big boys.

Our men’s outerwear jackets are simply designed but not simply built. Time and care goes into everything – even something as small as the zipper visibility and the collar length.

Smart and warm, that’s what we’ve built here.

Try the Eisenhower Jacket – it’s an easy slip-on item, and it’ll keep those chills at bay. What’s more, it’s hue – spruce – makes it simply a good-looking piece.

See the Eisenhower here, let us know what you think.

The Dickies Duck Jackets

Perhaps a little more specific in what it would be intended for – more outdoorsy events, maybe, or for the man who enjoys outdoor hobbies.

Like the Jefferson Duck Jacket.

Again, this one’s an example of smart and warm, but we think highly practical deserves to be in there too. 

A high visibility zipper graces this one, as does a reinforced hood.

And again, quality in craft is the order of the day here. For the man who spends most of his free time outdoors, when the chill starts to settle in, the duck jacket is an essential men’s outerwear addition.

Here’s the Jefferson.

United by Dickies

You’re an artisan, a creator, a builder of things, right? Through your creative expression, skill and style, you shape the world, is that so?

Of course it is – because you’ve found us.

That’s why we want to fuse what we do, with what you do, to create cohesion in style and creativity. We want to fuel the spirit of you as an independent maker shaping your path.

And for all the world to see and experience.

We want to become united through inspiration.

A common language.

And that’s where United by Dickies comes in.

Visit our Facebook page to experience more closely, the weaving together of inspiration, art and creativity.

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  1. Dickies Fredricburg Pullover  Spruce
    Dickies Fredricburg Pullover Spruce
    As low as R569.95
  2. Dickies Olaton Puffer Jacket  Olive
    Dickies Olaton Puffer Jacket Olive
    As low as R1,099.95
  3. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket  Chocolate
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket Chocolate
    As low as R899.95
  4. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket  Oatmeal
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket Oatmeal
    As low as R899.95
  5. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket  Burgundy
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket Burgundy
    As low as R899.95
  6. Dickies Ruston Hoodie  Grey
    Dickies Ruston Hoodie Grey
    As low as R649.95
  7. Dickies Ruston Hoodie  Mustard
    Dickies Ruston Hoodie Mustard
    As low as R649.95
  8. Dickies Gridley Waffle Long Sleeve T Shirt
    Dickies Gridley Waffle Long Sleeve T Shirt
    As low as R629.95
  9. Dickies Owingsville Flight Suit
    Dickies Owingsville Flight Suit
    As low as R1,999.95
  10. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.95
  11. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.95
  12. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.95
  13. Dickies Stripe Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Stripe Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.00
  14. Dickies Rexville Jacket
    Dickies Rexville Jacket
    As low as R1,099.00
  15. Dickies San Antonio Hoodie
    Dickies San Antonio Hoodie
    As low as R749.00
  16. Dickies San Antonio Hoodie
    Dickies San Antonio Hoodie
    As low as R749.00

16 Items

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