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Men’s Shirts

At Dickies SA, our wide range of modern, comfortable and versatile men’s shirts reflects iconic Dickies design combined with the latest trends in global fashion. Choose from a variety of button-down men’s shirts, for a more sophisticated look, and a range of trendy T-shirts for an effortless fresh, casual look.

While a button-down may be more suited to a smarter occasion and a T-shirt to a casual one, like all Dickies’ apparel, they can easily transition into every part of your daily life. That’s because Dickies’ men’s shirts are designed with your dynamic lifestyle in mind. 

So, whether you’re meeting a client, visiting a building site or taking the kids to school, any of our men’s shirts will deliver you in style and comfort. And because our shirts are created for ultimate durability – they can handle a hard day’s work as well as you can. 

Shop Dickies Men's Shirts

Only top-quality, carefully-sourced material is used to make Dickies’ men’s shirts – ensuring maximum durability, comfort and style with every wear.  

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Where to buy men’s shirts online?

Right here at Dickies SA online store. This is the place to shop for high-quality, modern and comfortable men’s shirts in South Africa. 

The best part of shopping online? You can do it anywhere and anytime. Our website is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to easily navigate between sections. Check out our men’s shirts for sale, when you need to top up on those wardrobe essentials. And if you have something more specific in mind, we offer a comprehensive range of fashion-fit apparel for men. 

Browse through our online store to view our wide selection of pants, hoodies and jackets and to complete your Dickies look, a range of stylish accessories are there too. 

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Men’s T-shirts

Bold colours, two-tone variations and a prominent Dickies’ logo have been carefully alternated to bring you a wide range of chic and stylish, long-wearing men’s T-shirts. 

Men’s button-down shirts

Our button-down men’s shirts offer versatility, comfort and style. They can be worn anywhere, anytime – from the workshop, building site and client meetings to school pick-ups and date nights. Suit up for any occasion in this check shirt paired with any of our Dickies men’s pants, and these semi-smart lace-ups

Padded overshirt

Check out this stylish padded overshirt. In versatile navy blue, it is the ideal light jacket to keep on hand for those windy days. 

How much do men’s shirts cost?

We work hard to make your hard-earned money go further. That’s why our men’s shirts, like all Dickies apparel, is affordably priced. 

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United by Dickies – in unprecedented times and beyond

What unites us in times of great uncertainty and upheaval? At Dickies, we believe it is a shared commitment to creating and recreating, to keep the spark of innovation and inspiration alive. 

And you, the people shaping our world, the ones whose dedication to their work, crafts and skills has not dulled in the last year, it’s re-emerged stronger than ever. You’ve adapted, with sheer tenacity, to not just survive but to thrive. 

The builders, the bakers, the crafters and creatives. The foot soldiers reinvigorating spaces, fixing and mending, reimagining and reviving. You are the ones who inspire us to remain dedicated to our own craft – stitching passion and commitment into every piece of Dickies clothing. 

Made for durability, style and comfort, your Dickies wardrobe is as adaptable and resilient as you are. So, unite with the brand that appreciates what it means to work hard, to play hard and to live life to the fullest. Unite with Dickies. 

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  1. Dickies 847 Shirt  Olive
    Dickies 847 Shirt Olive
    As low as R399.00
  2. Dickies 847 Shirt  Silver Grey
    Dickies 847 Shirt Silver Grey
    As low as R399.00
  3. Dickies 847 Shirt  Navy
    Dickies 847 Shirt Navy
    As low as R399.00
  4. Dickies 847 Shirt  Black
    Dickies 847 Shirt Black
    As low as R399.00
  5. Dickies 847 Shirt  Taupe
    Dickies 847 Shirt Taupe
    As low as R399.00
  6. Dickies 847 Shirt  Khaki
    Dickies 847 Shirt Khaki
    As low as R399.00
  7. Dickies 847 Shirt  Chocolate
    Dickies 847 Shirt Chocolate
    As low as R399.00
  8. Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt  - Teal
    Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt - Teal
    As low as R279.00
  9. Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt  - Pumpkin
    Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt - Pumpkin
    As low as R279.00
  10. Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt  - Airforce
    Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt - Airforce
    As low as R279.00
  11. Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt  - Spruce
    Dickies Horseshoe T-Shirt - Spruce
    As low as R279.00
  12. Dickies 847 Shirt - Spruce
    Dickies 847 Shirt - Spruce
    As low as R399.00
  13. Bridgeville Tshirt Co Lab
    Bridgeville Tshirt Co Lab
    As low as R240.00 Regular Price R399.95
  14. Tt Harlan Padded Over Shirt
    Tt Harlan Padded Over Shirt
    As low as R660.00 Regular Price R1,099.95
  15. Dickies Philamount T Shirt
    Dickies Philamount T Shirt
    As low as R156.00 Regular Price R259.95
  16. Dickies Two Tone T-shirt
    Dickies Two Tone T-shirt
    As low as R210.00 Regular Price R349.95
  17. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.95
  18. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  19. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  20. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  21. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  22. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  23. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  24. Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    Dickies Horseshoe T Shirt
    As low as R279.00
  25. Dickies Dunbar T Shirt
    Dickies Dunbar T Shirt
    As low as R198.00 Regular Price R329.00

25 Items

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