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Dan Roberts For Dickies


The Dickies brand has always been about the every-day man. The man who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, the guy who pushes to get the best out of every day, the dude who works just as hard as he plays. Dan Roberts just so happens to be one of these men.

Dan Roberts is a SAMA-winning music producer. Having previously been nominated for 4 SAMA’s across several categories, he came up trumps in the 18th South African Music Awards where he won the award for Best Producer for his work on Laurie Levine’s album Six Winters.

Dan Roberts For Dickies

A man who has more creativity in his pinky finger than most people have in their entire body, Dan Roberts has enjoyed a career spanning over thirty years. He has been a stills photographer, film director, music producer and composer, to name a few roles that he has undertaken. Having directed over 300 TV commercials, music videos and documentaries, Dan was also involved in founding three companies in the creative industry: The Gatehouse, Left Post Production and Terraplane.

During his career, Dan has recorded, mixed and made films and stills for: Radio Kalahari Orkes, Die Antwoord, DKW, Johnny Clegg, Jesse Clegg, The Hinds Brothers, Laurie Levine, Joshua Grierson, Freddy Van'Dango, The BLK JKS, Madala Kunene, Finley Quay (UK), Money Mark (Beastie Boys), Hugh Masekela, Ed Jordan and Arno Carstens.

Not just satisfied with working behind the scenes at Stoep Studio, his own recording studio, Dan also plays the banjo, mandolin and guitar in the band The Runaway Train Collective. Having been first introduced to Dickies by Ninja from Die Antwoord, Dan has enjoyed a 5-year long relationship with Dickies, the brand that suits his style and meets the needs of his every-day hustle. 

Dan Roberts For Dickies


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