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Dickies Denim


Hardwearing, denim jeans were first made popular when a guy made a pair of denim, rivet reinforced trousers. Spotting metal rivets lying around his work shop, he used these to attach the pockets to the trousers and wham! Denim jeans were created.

At Dickies, it’s probably apparent that we enjoy denim and like the rugged farm labourers who first wore it, Dickies Denim has always been a representation of strength, hard work, and resilience. From humble beginnings in 1922 as a denim bib-overall company in Fort Worth, Texas, Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company has been a staple in the workwear industry for almost a century. Over the years Dickies have become the go-to brand for workers who are looking for durable, quality performance gear that’s as comfortable as it is sturdy.

Dickies’ history of denim, starting in 1922, had one purpose and one purpose only from the beginning and that is to serve the public and provide durable workwear, and now, stylish streetwear. Today, we still carry that to our new line, which provides not only durable comfort, but helps you look good both on and off the job.

The Dickies 1922 Heritage Collection offers customers choice denim pieces such as denim jeans and shirts. For further information and to locate your closest Dickies retailer contact us at


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