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Dickies #BuildThisCity


It has been said that if you don’t build your dreams, someone will hire you to help build their own. This winter 2017 Dickies launches our #BuildThisCity campaign. What does #BuildThisCity mean to Dickies? Dickies is a brand that is built on hard work, dedication, and larger than life thinking and we believe that cities are changing and so are their builders. Your city is built on craft and big ideas, and the ones who are creating it aren’t afraid of hard work or getting their hands dirty. The benchmark for success has risen and those who are daring enough will rise up to meet it, wearing Dickies clothing – the only brand that understands that you have to build the world you want to live in.

#BuildThisCity means that we are the builders of the city we want to live in. That ours is a city established on bravery, bold ideas and blood, sweat and tears. Fashioned from a foundation of heart and hard work, it’s ours to rule. Where some use bricks and beams, we build with coffee beans, with local beef, bicycle parts and mesh silk screens, the city that we live in is our craft. And our tools? Calloused hands, creased clothes and caffeine that keeps us moving and keep us making. You see, the future is ours for the building, not just the taking. This is our city, reinvented. We are builders reborn.

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