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The Dickies Bay City Jacket


For most people winter is a bleak season filled with bare trees, frost, cold toes and mornings where you have to drag yourself from the warm depths of your bed. For us here at Dickies, winter is a favourite because it means, not only a change in seasons, but a change of style. It means layering, wearing your favourite boots and of course pulling on that awesome Dickies jacket of yours.

This winter Dickies introduces a new range of jackets to our line of men’s wear. This means more opportunity to look slick and do it wearing Dickies. One of our favourite jackets has got to be the Dickies Bay City Jacket, this a jacket that just oozes street style. Made from 100% cotton twill fabric, this jacket has been made in the “bomber jacket” style which is based on the original MA-1 flight jacket worn by members of the US Air Force during the 1950’s. The silhouette of the Dickies Bay City Jacket is in keeping with the original MA-1 flight jacket; it keeps the masculine, athletic silhouette with a fitted waist, and more generous fit, like the bulky sleeves and front pockets so as to be functional.

At Dickies we know what keeps you looking good all year round and of course you don’t have to be knee deep in snow to rock this awesome jacket, it’s light weight material means that you can wear it come rain, sunshine or snow. If you would like to see more men’s jackets from Dickies click here and browse our range of Dickies Men’s clothing


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