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Dickies Graphic Tee


In just about every home the world over there can be found one staple item of clothing: the t-shirt. Starting from humble beginnings as an under garment, the earliest t-shirt dates back to sometime between the 1898 and 1913 when U.S sailors were issued them to wear underneath their uniforms.

Over time classic white tee had remained the most simple, yet essential and staple piece of clothing in fashion history. It is a basic, plain white cotton jersey crewneck, features two short sleeves. Over time, the basic white tee has been adopted by fashion designers, celebrities and the public in general. And now, at Dickies, we have managed to get our hand on this wardrobe staple to bring you some of the hottest graphic t-shirts around!

It’s hard not to look chilled when wearing a t-shirt but for a more laid back vibe why not go for the Dickies Eagle Lake Tee? This grey melange tee is soft, comfortable and can be worn with your favourite pair of Dickies trousers and sneakers making for the ultimate relaxed look.

T-shirts don’t only have to be worn to create a casual look, pair your Dickies Destin Tee or Dickies Speedway Tee with a pair of dark wash jeans, a leather jacket and your favourite boots and you’re good to head out to the party with your boys.  

At Dickies we have some of the hottest looks around, from our awesome 874 trousers to our hardwearing, yet so stylish Dickies jackets and hoodies.  Click here to take a look at the latest Dickies clothing and to find your closest Dickies retailer.  


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