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June 16 - Youth Day


In South Africa Youth Day is a day that commemorates and honours the Soweto student uprising of June the 16th 1976. On that morning thousands of black students went on a protest rally from their schools to Orlando Stadium. They were protesting against an official order which made Afrikaans compulsory in black township schools throughout the country. The use of local languages was prohibited in these schools whilst the constitution supported that Afrikaans and English be made the official languages of the country.

On that fateful day, police opened fire on thousands of schoolchildren who were protesting against Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in township schools. Hector was the first child to die on the day, in uprisings that spread across Soweto and the country in 1976. By the end of the year, there had been more than 500 deaths around the country.

Although the protests of 16 June 1976 resulted in a high number of deaths and injuries, the youth of 1976 played a role in fighting and overcoming the inequality and oppression caused by apartheid.

For Dickies, the work wear inspired brand, our winter campaign is #BuildThisCity and we believe that the students of 1976 fought for their and our rights and built the foundation for our great country and all who live in Mzansi. #BuildThisCity means that we are the builders of the city we want to live in. That ours is a city established on bravery, bold ideas and blood, sweat and tears. Fashioned from a foundation of heart and hard work, it’s ours to rule. This means it is up to us, the upcoming generations to build the best life we can lead and always remember those who came before us.

Wishing everyone a very happy Youth Day from Dickies. 


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