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The 6 Panel Sporty Hat


There are many things that one may associate with Dickies clothing, the 874 work trouser, the Dickie work boot and the trusty 847 shirt. For us here are Dickies there is one more item that we know people associate with the Dickies brand and that is the humble sporty hat, also known as the bucket hat.

The sporty hat is the one accessory that can be seen on everyone from your local pantsula dance crew to that squad that you always see hanging around the hippest neighbourhoods like Braam or Woodstock in CT. The humble sporty or bucket hat is an accessory that both men and women can rock. These hats have been a long-time favourite since pantsula and Kwaito culture became popular and this style of hat has moved into main stream fashion with the coolest kids wearing this style of headwear.

If you are looking to sport a sporty hat then there is are a few ways to style it so it looks cooler than cool. To keep it looking up to date and give it a modern twist, pair a black Dickies 6 panel sporty with a fitted, white shirt, a pair of tailored trousers and smart boots. Button your shirt all the way up to keep your style looking fresh.

If casual is more your thing then the sporty is the best accessory to wear for a laid-back look. Pair this hat with your favourite shorts, a casual short sleeved shirt and your most beloved pair of Dickies sneakers and you’re guaranteed to look great whether you’re at the bar or the beach with your bae.

For more information on the Dickies 6 panel sporty or to browse our range of products, click here.


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