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Liberty Contract Lo Sneakers


In every wardrobe, in every household the world over there is a pair of sneakers that are battered and worn. The sneakers that have walked mile and miles, that have seen sights and carried their wearer on amazing adventures, from concerts and house parties to spontaneous Sunday hikes, these are the sneakers that have done it all. Here at Dickies, we know that there is no better shoe to live life in than the humble Dickies Sneaker. One of our all-time favourite, and most beloved sneakers that we make is the Liberty Contrast Lo.


This sneaker offers more than just comfort, it brings the street style and interest that you’ve been looking for. With a light coloured canvas upper, and brown rubber soles and laces, these are the Dickies shoes that you’re going to want to get your hand on and slide your feet into. Another awesome additional feature that makes this sneaker stand out from the crowd is the additional eyelet at the top of the shoe that comes on its own separate piece of a material, to add a bit of swag to this simple yet, oh-so awesome sneaker.


It has been said that shoes can get you from A to B but sneakers get you everywhere. If you’re in the market for the dopest pair of shoes then Dickies is the place to go- we have everything from rad boots, to shirts, trousers and of course a full range of sneakers. Log on to the Dickies website here and take a look at our dope range of workwear inspired clothing. 


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