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Incorporating Casual Wear and Current Trends with Dickies


With the end of the year slowly looming , there is a common sense of fatigue from nine-to-fivers that is clearly evident of late. Monday mornings are getting more painful to bear and corporates are slowly cheating their way around wearing formal suits. Who can blame them though? Its quarter to festive! Let us show you a few ways you can cheat your way around smart casual wear with Dickies.

Let’s start off by appreciating the modesty that is the Dickies Supa Dupa PU Lo. Its’ clean finishes are perfect for tailored pants (specifically Chinos) which most of us already wear at the office. It sits perfectly on the top of the shoe and doesn’t take away from the formal ensemble. If anything, it adds to its comfortability, ensuring that the long summer days are more bearable.

Another win when it comes to wearing this sneaker, is the fact that it is available in different colours. We recommend black sneakers for office wear as the colour is subtle enough to make heads turn for the right reasons. This black sneaker is made of polyurethane. This is the closest imitation to genuine leather that you can find. It is this polished look and finish which makes the shoe suitable for casual wear.

To check out what other styles and colours are available for the Dickies Supa Dupa PU Lo, visit on and step out in style.


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