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The Dickies 837 Trouser


Which item speaks of the Dickies heritage? This is the question we asked ourselves and the unanimous decision was the 837 trouser.

This pant speaks for itself and is modest in appearance. It is the quality of the pant that speaks the loudest. Our favourite colour from the 837 trouser range is the red. It is simple yet loud enough to make a statement on its own.

Most manufactures don’t get one major aspect when it comes to the designing of pants, and that is the tailoring. Often times men are left with the admin of having to alter pants some way or the other because they don’t sit on them the way they would want. Dickies has taken this fact into major consideration and it is evident in the final product that is available in store. The 837 trouser has reinforced the crotch stitching to reduce blow-outs. We have also reinforced the belt loops, tack button closure at the centre. All these minor details which are often overlooked, are what ensures that the pants are of a high quality.

The red 837 pant is not as intimidating as it looks. If anything it has the perfect amount of colour to make an outfit stand out. Most men still find bright colours daunting but ‘tis the season to go out and embrace colour. If not now during the summer season then when? Happy shopping!

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