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The Heritage of Dickies


It goes without saying that the Dickies brand speaks of legacy. Having started in the US and now being most popular in Mzansi, it is clearly evident that we, the South Africans have fully embraced it.

What started off as predominantly a work-wear brand has now become a more fashionable brand with more statement pieces that are prominent on our streets. Dickies is for the hard worker who is a go- getter. It is for the millennials who are all about making a statement and being seen. Dickies saw that gap and gave them exactly what they wanted. When we talk of work wear, we talk of the Dickies 847 shirt but when it’s time to bring out the statement pieces and have fun, then obviously the 6 panel sporty comes out. This hat which has been around since the pantsula days and when the Kwaito culture became popular, has made its way through the years and has evolved its look to fit the audience of the time.   

Dickies is all about evolving and re-inventing itself. They are one of the brands which are concerned with relevancy. They have a working methods which keeps them top of mind when looking for functional wear while still looking good.

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