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Things To Do In Your Dickies


Summer is upon us and that can only mean one thing, good fun times ahead. For those of you who do not know what to do with themselves this weekend, here is a tip from us.

We highly suggest anything in the outdoors. The winter season had us cooped inside our homes drinking hot chocolate. It’s now time to shed the blanket away and soak in the summer time.

We all grew up knowing that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and what better way to enjoy it than at a pop up brunch/ champagne breakfast set up. Many of these have been popping up in the streets of Johannesburg. The latest edition of these is taking place in Melville and will boast a selection of eats and drinks. The aptly named, “Brunch” series began earlier this year at the trendy Bannister Hotel in Braamfontein. It became the perfect excuse for the cool kids to dress up for their breakfast because this was after all a weekly curated food and beverage experience. 

The brunch on average lasts for 2 hours where guests are treated to a three course served with a selection of bottomless cocktails. This sounds awesome right? But what is one to wear at such an occasion?  We recommend keeping it smart casual and laid back. Take our Eagle Lake Tee for instance, this is the quintessential for the outdoors. Why? Because it is a slimmer fit that our standard Dickies T-shirt. It also work great as a stand-alone but will not lose its style if layered. It’s got a great crew neckline and we especially love the grey melange colour.

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