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How ladies can rock men's wear


There is nothing quite like a lady who can pull off the men’s wear look. It’s definitely not the easiest look to pull off because already the clothes “are not designed specifically for the woman’s body” in the first place so sizing and fit become an issue.

One of the most popular men’s clothing items to be taken over by women (apart from the men’s dungaree) is the long sleeve shirt, in this specific case the Dickies 847 shirt. This shirt is a firm favourite, not because it is available in an array of colours but the fact that it is a loose fit that will complement your smart casual look.

The button-down shirt is, in this case the most popular and is perfect for adding the laid-back men’s dress shirt look that is perfect when paired with jeans or leggings. One of the reasons why it is a firm favourite among women is that it doesn’t have the irritating stitching that women’s clothing usually have on the right hand side of the chest (which usually give you a more fitted and dated look and feel).

Ladies might also like this look because it can be dressed up or down, depending on the look you are going for as well as the occasion. To check out our selection of the 847 shirt, visit our website on



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