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The ultimate summer outfit


Summer is here, the sun is here and so it the fun. The last thing you need is not knowing what to wear and worse of all, having a fussy outfit that will keep you uncomfortable half the time.

Cue the Dickies cotton overall. This black beauty is the only thing you need to turn heads, be comfortable and make a statement. What makes it a win is the fact it is a complete outfit on its own and it’s a canvas that allows you accessorise it however you want. The best and easiest way to do this is to wear a simple t-shirt underneath the overall so that when it really gets hot or if you want to switch up your outfit, you can just take off the top half of the overall and still look good. This masterpiece goes well with a good pair of low cut sneakers. These will break the outfit and also allow for breathability around your foot region.

It doesn’t get any more iconic than the Dickies overall because it is such a staple piece. We cannot forget to mention how versatile it is because you can wear it almost anywhere. Be it when you are hard at work or when you are out with friends over the weekend.

So what are you waiting for, visit our website on and check it out for yourself. 


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