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Dickies Construct Collection


When it comes to the evolution of work wear to street wear, Dickies has its finger on the pulse. The latest range is both fashionable and functional.

Laundry Day is the core concept of this range, emphasizing that the clothes can be improved with washing, gaining character through its being faded and worn.
The collection takes a modern approach to classic work wear pieces and feature fabrics like lightweight denim, nylon, terry and chambray. The range can be easily mixed and matched with a master palette of navy, beige, khaki, black and white with splashes of mustard yellow and light grey. Jackets, shirts, T-shirts, crewnecks, hoodies and overalls make up the core of the range, with accessories like caps and laundry bags added to it.

To show how this range fits with the lifestyles of real people, the authentic stories of brand-appropriate influencers, who genuinely embrace the brand- i.e. Mkay Frash, Tusa Mamba and Slice Freddy.

The Dickies Construct collection is exclusively available for purchase at Dip ST. in Johannesburg from Thursday 14th December.

Visit to preview the range, and follow Dickies on Instagram at @Dickies_Africa. 


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