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Great gift ideas for dad


What do you get someone who, often times than not, already has everything. You are under pressure because you want to get them the greatest gift that they will actually appreciate but you have no idea where to start. Dickies is here to cover your festive season gifting woes.

Dads are easy going beings who appreciate the mere gesture when it comes to receiving gifts. He will appreciate a good leather-man or a knife-set but nothing will melt his heart like than a well thought out gift, like a really good outfit for example. It doesn’t have to be an expensive preppy outfit, just one that he can wear on any given day. Take the Dickies Pasedena Mids shoes for instance, this is a very comfortable shoe that goes well with a pair of denim jeans- roll them up to give dad an edgy look. The good thing about these two is that they are commonly worn almost every day so its something that will be really useful to him. You can pair this look with the Rotonda shirt and sneak a Seedway tee or the Dickies 4-colour logo tee underneath it. Not only will this ensure that he stays cool but it also gives him the relaxed vibe.

Dickies has made sure that it caters to everyone this festive season, regardless of age and size. Get down to your nearest Dickies retailer and stock up on the holiday look. To see what we have available in our summer range, visit our website on


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