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The rise of the underdog


Dickies is seemingly the underdog of the clothing business. For a while it was predominantly known as workman’s wear, but slowly but surely, the cool kids of the town are reviving it and bringing it out of the woodworks. It is workwear inspired fashion.

The brand, which has surpassed generations on generations, is somewhat a legacy brand. Fathers pass down their Dickies statement pieces to their children who are now kitting out and accessorising the looks to make it more relevant, this is why there is so much variety and life to the brand that resonates with millennials.

The brand has moved away from being known as predominantly Pantsula and has moved on to be embraced by the cool kids. One of our favourite and most popular pieces from the latest collection is the Eagle Lake Tee. This t-shirt ,which is the jack of all trades, can be combined with almost anything and it will still stand out. It can be worn alone so as to make it the focal point of the outfit, it can be layered with the Massey jacket or worn under one of our Huntercreek shirts to contrast the colours. The print on the t-shirts speaks to the longevity that Dickies stands for. It’s value for money and can be taken from day-wear to night wear.

Visit one of our Dickies retailers and stock up on our latest range #BuildThisCity


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