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Why the 847 trousers are reliable


Nothing trumps a good quality pair of pants, not only because you are getting value for your money but also because you know they will last you for a good while. Que the Dickies 847 trousers.

When one speaks of comfort and versatility, they are most likely speaking about the 847 trouser. These pants have a wide selection where colours are concerned. This is so that you have an 847 trouser for every day of the week and occasion. The modest colours like your greys work well for the professional work environment whereas the blues work well for housework- but save the black pants for your Sunday best.

We could go on and on about which of the colors is our favorite but what makes these pants far more appealing supersedes aesthetics. It’s all in the durability of the pants which we see in how they resist wrinkling and are built to release stains. The 847 trousers are easy to take care of and are perfect for everyday use as they require no dry-cleaning or ironing. Dickies has made sure that the 847 trousers are as no-fuss as possible. To see the 847 trouser range, visit our website on


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