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What it takes to be a Dickies man


Is it in the clothing or in the way you carry yourself in the clothes? These are the questions we are asking when defining a Dickies man.

Many of our Dickies followers may say that it’s about how they feel when they are dressed in Dickies clothes but let’s take a step back and look at where the brand started, a brand mainly known for its work wear. This however, has changed in leaps and bounds as the brand has now become more fashionable as it now has more statement pieces.

In essence, Dickies is for the hard worker and go getter. This is further entrenched in its clothing and how durable they are. They, like our Lexington boots and Liberty Contrast Lo,  are made for the brave and hard working. As a well-known and admired brand, Dickies doesn’t compromise so why should you where you hustle is concerned. 

Dickies is a brand that will stand by you so when you have to put in long hours in an attempt to be and create something.

To how a true Dickies man should dress, visit our website on and check out our latest collection.


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