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Why we love street fashion


Whether it’s in the way that people can express themselves so freely in them or the way that street fashion deviates from the mundane way of styling clothes, we love street fashion and it is here to stay.

Street style is the coming together of many different styles. From gothics to hippies- there is always an element within street fashion that each group will resonate with. The key to nailing this trend is being as true and authentic to yourself as possible- because people will call you out if you butcher the style.

Street fashion become a universal unifier that brings a sense of commonality between people. It is also a way communicating with brands and the general public and in a way prescribing how to express themselves through street culture.

Dickies is the perfect embodiment of workwea- inspired street fashion where this trend is concerned. It is versatile enough to bridge the border of work wear and become funky and alive. Whether it is in the Rotanda South shirt or the classical Eagle Lake tee Dickies has a way of catering to the oldies as well as today’s fashion forward youth.

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