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The Harrison cap


We all have a cap, it’s the last thing some of us wear before stepping out. For some, it’s a permanent feature in their wardrobe while for others it’s an occasional accessory. But how do you style a cap?

Keep.It.Simple. Nothing beats keeping an outfit simple and letting the finer details take centre stage.  A very common way of styling the cap is wearing it with sneakers and a tracksuit but this look can easily come across as sloppy. This is where the versatility of the cap comes in. A trendy new way of dressing up a cap involved pairing it with a blazer, a neutral coloured golf t-shirt and a good pair of dark coloured jeans. This look is sporty, laid back and prim .

We love the Harrison cap not only because it is comfortable but it is also edgy. The dark fabric allows you to pair your cap with any outfit while not compromising the overall look.

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