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What goes into making a good quality garment?


Everyone wants to get value for their money where clothing is concerned, therefore it is important to know the quality of the items you are going for.

The good thing though is that you don’t have to be a clothing expert, all it takes sometimes is a simple read on your label.

The content of your fabric matters, not only because some people are allergic to certain types of material but also because of different material preferences they may have. To stay on the safe side, read the label thoroughly to get a good idea of what you are dealing with. The downside though is that at times, a garment may say it is 100% cotton but still be of poor quality. Manufactures sometimes cut down costs by cutting down on labour costs and cutting corners around the clothing they produce- resulting in a poor end product. This is why it is useful to know what good quality looks and feels like.

Another good test is holding your garment up towards the light to test the quality of the material. If the light shines through then it is safe to say that the garment is of poor quality and vice versa.

Dickies prides itself in producing a high standard of clothing. Made from 100% pure cotton, the Hunter Creek Shirt is comfortable enough to wear all year round. Its’ fabric is light enough to be worn during summer and versatile enough to be layered throughout winter. To see what colours would suit your liking in the Huntercreek shirt, visit our website on


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