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The Lexington boot


What comes to mind when you think of a fierce manly brand like Dickies? Comfort and durability of course and that is exactly what the Lexington boot stands for and brings to the table.

The Lexington boot, which is available in tan and black leather is just what you need this winter. The boot covers and goes beyond your ankle, meaning it offers maximum support for your foot. Not only are these shoes durable and comfortable, but they are also stylish and trendy enough to make a great casual outfit which is currently making the rounds in the streetwear trends. Pair it with a dark pair of denim pants or a dark overall for a rugged look and feel.

We love the Lexington boot because of its rubber sole and sleek side zip that adds more character as well as grip to the shoe. It also doesn’t hurt that the tan and black leather are stylish colours that complement and go well with most neutral colours that men are so fond of.

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