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Why we love the Dickies beanie range


There’s nothing like walking out of your house knowing very well that you are well prepared to face the world and the cold, but most of the time your whole body is covered with the exception of your head. Here is why we love the Dickies beanie range and specifically the Dickies Denver beanie.

There are many different ways to wear a beanie. Let’s see which ones work well best.

If you are not keen to go outside of the box then the classic way of wearing a beanie will best work for you. This means wearing the beanie to cover your whole  forehead and ears. If you would like to play around with your hat, here are a few ideas to explore.

Wear the beanie higher on your head. This will give your overall look a nonchalant, “I woke up like this” look. This works particularly well with joggers and a plain casual t-shirt.

Make your beanie pointy at the end. This will give your look the hipster look and feel. This look works particularly if you have a rugged beard and demeanor. Alternatively you can flatten your beanie and pull it down at the end to give it the saggy look. Ultimately the type of beanie you choose matters (from the types that have a pomp pomp to those that don’t) as well as the colour because this ultimately sets the tone for the overall outfit. 

Dickies has a wide variety of beanies to suit your individual style. To see our range, visit our website on


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