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Puffer jacket essentials


Ready or not winter is here and that means lots of warm clothing including the puffer jacket. Here is why it is a must have for this chilly season.

The Puffer jacket is a firm favourite if not for what it offers intrinsically, then for the mere fact that it is so compact and light. You can flatten it out, fold it into a little ball and tightly pack it in your bag to pull out when you need it. Warmth and convenience.

Most puffer jackets are unisex which is a win for everyone. Ladies can wear it as well as guys whilst enjoying a night out. Most puffer jackets come in modest colours that you can generally pair with most clothing items, but black seems to be the most preferred colour.

Dickies Saltsburg puffer jacket, which is available in black and fatigue is great for the outdoors, whether you are out watching the soccer world cup or going for a hike, the one you can be sure of is warmth.

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