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Why wear the 847’s


Durability, style and comfort. These should be the main reasons as to why the 847 trouser should be a prominent feature in your wardrobe.

These trousers, which are perfect for almost all occasions, come in a variety of colours. From the ever so modest blue which works well for serious heavy-duty work, to the black trouser that is perfect for those special occasions like The Ultimate Sunday Best outfit, the 847 trouser has a colour that will suit your needs.

The bonus part of these trousers is that they are wrinkle resistant and have a built-in stain release, so they are easy maintenance and are suitable for the get-up-and-go person.

We personally love the 847-chocolate coloured trouser. Pair them with a crisp white shirt and brown formal shoes of your choice and you are well on your way to making heads turn. If you are more on the chilled side, try the airforce colour and pair it with a smart casual shirt in a complementary colour.

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