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It Runs Deep is all about being true to yourself, being unique! It’s about being original and doing things as a collective; and who better to share those experiences with than your crew.

Our new campaign, It Runs Deep, is about charting your territory and doing it your way. It’s about defying rules and choosing what works best for you. It’s a movement, an opportunity to talk about what matters the most and what really runs deep for you, because if it doesn’t ring true to you then why bother taking part at all? It Runs Deep can be interpreted in many different ways but our favourite is living it through the Dickies brand. Who said you have to wear the 4 colour logo tee our way? Dickies is for the people and we say, do things YOUR way!

It’s about a shared collective and taking over your space as a collective, with your squad. We want to invite you to join in the fun and take part in the movement. Comment, like and share our posts promoting our It Runs Deep movement because Dickies is for the people. #ItRunsDeep.


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