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Shoes & Footwear

Whether you’re a boot kind of guy or a sneaker kind of girl, we’ve got a range of durable, stylish, affordable footwear at Dickies now. Shop our range of Dickies footwear for every kind of occasion, designed for the everyday mover and shaker, and made to last.

Shop Dickies Shoes & Footwear

You’ll be able to search for shoes online easily thanks to our easy-to-navigate website and you’ll find a range of footwear for both day and night. From sneakers and veldskoen, to lace-ups and boots, we’ve got you covered at Dickies. If making a statement about who you are and where you’re going is your thing, then choose from our range of lo-top canvas sneakers in a variety of colours today.

When you shop at Dickies online, you’ll be able to search for a range of clothing and apparel pieces for men, women and the kids too. We offer accessories like beanies and hats online too. Our footwear department online is easy-to-find and you’ll be able to shop for the shoe type and size you want with ease.

If you seek to discover and create, shop now for durable and affordable clothing, accessories and footwear at Dickies today.

How much does Dickies footwear cost?

If we’re anything at Dickies, we’re affordable. Our footwear range is priced to go and we want the everyday South African man or woman to be able to always look great in our shoes.

From leather boots to fabric sneakers in a variety of colours, shop the Dickies shoes range online now.

Where can I buy Dickies footwear?

Dickies has always been about being accessible to all, which means we’ve got to be available 24/7. Our online store is packed with all the latest trends and styles from around the world. Be the future by wearing Dickies today.

Shop online now and browse through the latest range of Dickies shoes South Africa. Built to last and styled for comfort, our shoe range is designed to keep your feet comfy while you go about your day as a creator and a maker in SA.

From our signature Eisenhower jackets and dungaree flight suits, to comfortable and versatile hoodies, tracksuits, takkies and caps - get it all at Dickies online today.

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  1. Acton Veldskoen
    Acton Veldskoen
    As low as R1,020.00 Regular Price R1,699.95
  2. Foxton Lo
    Foxton Lo
    As low as R300.00 Regular Price R499.95
  3. Lewisville Lo
    Lewisville Lo
    As low as R300.00 Regular Price R499.95
  4. Caddo Print Lo
    Caddo Print Lo
    As low as R180.00 Regular Price R299.95
  5. Mexico Dk0237 Boot
    Mexico Dk0237 Boot
    As low as R1,200.00 Regular Price R1,999.95
  6. Dickies Supa Dupa Lo
    Dickies Supa Dupa Lo
    As low as R349.95
  7. Supa Dupa Plain Low Mens
    Supa Dupa Plain Low Mens
    As low as R349.00
  8. Supa Dupa Plain Low Mens
    Supa Dupa Plain Low Mens
    As low as R349.00
  9. Supa Dupa Plain Low Mens
    Supa Dupa Plain Low Mens
    As low as R349.00
  10. Supa Dupa Low Monochrome
    Supa Dupa Low Monochrome
    As low as R349.00

10 Items

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