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  1. Dickies 847 Trouser Chocolate Brown
    Dickies 847 Trouser Chocolate Brown
    As low as R399.00
  2. Dickies 847 Trouser Charcoal
    Dickies 847 Trouser Charcoal
    As low as R399.00
  3. Dickies 847 Trouser Navy
    Dickies 847 Trouser Navy
    As low as R399.00
  4. Dickies 847 Trouser Taupe
    Dickies 847 Trouser Taupe
    As low as R399.00
  5. Dickies 847 Trouser Red
    Dickies 847 Trouser Red
    As low as R399.00
  6. Dickies 847 Trouser Silver Grey
    Dickies 847 Trouser Silver Grey
    As low as R399.00
  7. Dickies 847 Trouser Olive
    Dickies 847 Trouser Olive
    As low as R399.00
  8. Dickies San Diego Basic Denim  Indigo
    Dickies San Diego Basic Denim Indigo
    As low as R499.95
  9. Dickies 847 Trouser  Khaki
    Dickies 847 Trouser Khaki
    As low as R449.95
  10. Dickies Slim 847 Trouser
    Dickies Slim 847 Trouser
    As low as R429.00
  11. Rhode Island Jogger
    Rhode Island Jogger
    As low as R599.00
  12. Dickies Tape 847 Trouser
    Dickies Tape 847 Trouser
    As low as R499.00
  13. Dickies  Slim Fit Pants
    Dickies Slim Fit Pants
    As low as R999.95
  14. Dickies 847 Trouser Spruce
    Dickies 847 Trouser Spruce
    As low as R399.00
  15. Dickies 847 Trouser Airforce
    Dickies 847 Trouser Airforce
    As low as R399.00
  16.  Dickies Tycoon Fashion 847 Trouser Teal
    Dickies Tycoon Fashion 847 Trouser Teal
    As low as R499.95
  17. Dickies Tycoon Fashion 847 Trouser Fern Green
    Dickies Tycoon Fashion 847 Trouser Fern Green
    As low as R499.95
  18. Dickies Tycoon Fashion 847 Trouser Pumpkin
    Dickies Tycoon Fashion 847 Trouser Pumpkin
    As low as R499.95

19 Items

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Men's Pants And Trousers

When you wear a pair of men’s pants from Dickies, you’re choosing function over trends and comfort over discomfort. Dickies men’s trousers are both comfortable and utterly versatile, making them the perfect choice to wear to work or a function with friends.

Dickies trousers for men can be paired effortlessly with a t-shirt or button-down shirt as well as with a jacket or hoodies to create that effortless, unpretentious ensemble that the Dickies man enjoys.

Authentic, real clothing for authentic, real men is what you’ll come to love and expect from Dickies. We’re all about making clothes that our customers can wear to continue effortlessly with their daily work of making, creating, thinking outside of the box. The Dickies brand is for the guy that wants to make a difference through his craft, be it a street artist or even a skater. Creativity and comfort is both ours and our customers, top priority.

Shop for Men's Dickies Pants for Sale

How much do men’s pants and trousers cost?

Creative comfort needs to be affordable in our minds. That’s why we price all of our apparel and clothing just right, to ensure that the effortless and authentic style of Dickies can belong to anyone, no matter what the budget.

Shop now for men’s pants for sale at Dickies online. Our online store showcases are latest men’s pants from slim fit pants and joggers to 874 trousers in almost every colour. You’ll find pants and trousers that fit your needs, whether you need a functional pair of pants for your workday or an uncomplicated trouser for an evening at the skate park. We also offer apparel and clothing for women and kids too.

Where can I buy men’s pants and trousers?

Shop at Dickies today and you’ll be able to buy men’s pants online with ease. Simply visit the Dickies online store and browse through the clothing and apparel ranges you like, Choose from men’s t-shirts, button-down shirts, trousers, hoodies, jackets-pullovers, footwear and Tycoon apparel online today.

Since the 1922, Dickies has been designing no-nonsense, functional workwear for men that work hard at their trades. In 1967 the 874 trousers were born and were quickly considered to be indestructible and their most popular pants design to date. Today, the Dickies brand continues its long legacy of creating innovative workwear that is both straight-forward, versatile and long-lasting for men, women and children too.

United by Dickies

United by Dickies is a campaign designed to bring young artists and tradesmen together, united through creativity and ingenuity. In SA, we showcase two young makers who will be showcasing their crafts through their own distinctly unique South African lens. Learn more about the United by Dickies campaign now.

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