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Women's Classic Clothing

Nothing beats buying classic women's clothing from Dickies. This is where you can buy the real deal. With so many counterfeited products on the market, it’s great to shop from a store you can trust. 

Dickies has been around since 1922, and evidently, as a brand, we have passed the test of time. Our brand surviving for such a long time is enough evidence to show that we have kept authenticity, style and quality at our fingertips. Today, we offer a wide range of classic clothes for women globally. 

Shop Dickies Women's Classic Clothing

Stay on top of your game with our Dickies ladies classic clothing. When shopping at Dickies SA, you won’t go wrong; we have some of the most fashionable and practical wardrobe must-haves online. 

Our clothing, footwear, and accessories are various styles, colours, prints and patterns so that you do not have to settle for second best; you will get exactly what suits your taste.  

<h2>What sort of classic women’s clothing do I need? </h2>

 For the casual afternoon, we have a wide selection of beautiful and versatile t-shirts and trousers. Our hoodies collection offers excellent options for those runs, jogs and hikes in cold weather. These items are designed in such a way that they can also complete your casual look on cool days.

 For those days you are motivated to be the strong woman you are and do that DIY you saw on Pinterest, Dickies has some of the best, durable and comfortable dungarees and overalls. Our designs are classy yet breathable and roomy, allowing you to comfortably move around and get things done.

We have more options in our online store!

 Most of our classic clothes for women have something women have desired for the longest time; pockets! Functional big pockets with enough room that allows you to efficiently go about your tasks. More reasons to shop at Dickies. 

Where can I buy women’s classic clothing?

Shop at Dickies, We are a global brand with a local South African online store for your convenience.  At Dickies we guarantee you authentic and genuine ladies classic clothing that you are looking for. 

You can easily access our online platform, make some difficult choices regarding what to get (because everything is just so good!) and order.

Shop for classic women fashion at Dickies SA online store.

 How much does women’s classic clothing cost?

This is an important part when it comes to shopping. We want you to look good without emptying your bank account. 

You can get a classic Dickies piece that will hang in your closet for quite a while. Our clothes are highly durable, so you get value for your money.

Why should I buy classic clothes for women at Dickies?

For a brand that makes such high quality, functional and durable women’s classic clothing, Dickies is refreshingly affordable. We are not a high-end brand because we understand that every woman deserves good quality clothes despite the number of zeros in her bank account.

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  1. Dickies 6 Panel Sporty   - Spruce
    Dickies 6 Panel Sporty - Spruce
    As low as R199.00
  2. Dickies 6 Panel Sporty   - Airforce
    Dickies 6 Panel Sporty - Airforce
    As low as R199.00
  3. Dickies 6 Panel Sporty   - Pumpkin
    Dickies 6 Panel Sporty - Pumpkin
    As low as R199.00
  4. Dickies 6 Panel Sporty   - Fern Green
    Dickies 6 Panel Sporty - Fern Green
    As low as R199.00
  5. Dickies 6 Panel Sporty   - Teal
    Dickies 6 Panel Sporty - Teal
    As low as R199.00
  6. Dickies  Icon Logo Tank Top Women - Black
    Dickies Icon Logo Tank Top Women - Black
    As low as R120.00 Regular Price R199.95

6 Items

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