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Men's Jackets  & Pullovers

When you wear a men’s jacket or men’s pullover from Dickies, you’re choosing to make a statement about the kind of man you are; a man who is keen to leave his mark on the world through the work he does with his hands, through his art, through his craft. From metal workers to skaters, the Dickies man pairs men’s jackets and pullovers with dungarees and t-shirts, with button-down shirts and pants, and always with a sneaker to create an understated, comfortable and versatile look that is distinctively South African.

Browse and shop for men’s jacket’s for sale at Dickies online now. We have a wide range of pullovers, jumpers, and jackets in a variety of styles, colours and fabrics. From the iconic Eisenhower jacket to stand-out crew necks and pullovers, you’ll find a wide array of men’s jackets South Africa, including pullovers, to choose from for every occasion and season.

Shop for Men's Dickies Jackets  & Pullovers

How much do men’s jackets and pullovers cost?

Affordability as well as durability has always been the cornerstone of the Dickies brand. We’re not about pomp and circumstance but rather about versatility and comfort. Every South African man who is a mover, a creator, a maker of things, should be clad in comfort Dickies from head to toe and it shouldn’t cost him a fortune to do it either. Quality clothing at good prices is what we offer at Dickies.

Shop now for men’s jackets online and you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety we have on offer. You’ll find the most iconic pieces at great prices at Dickies online.

Where can I buy men’s jackets and pullovers?

Shop at Dickies today. We make buying easy by offering you all the best Dickies clothing and apparel on one, easy-to-navigate online platform. Shop now and make Dickies apart of your lifestyle statement today.

Dickies has been designing menswear for the working-class man for over 90 years and we’ve come to understand that our customer is a little rough around the edges, just like us. Authentic clothing, versatile designs and no-frills finishes is what we promise from our menswear. We also design clothing and apparel for women and children too, offering the same down-to-earth, authentic style that you’ve come to know and love from Dickies.

United by Dickies

The United by Dickies campaign is all about showcasing raw talent, unabridged, untamed. We’ve selected two South African makers to showcase what they’re doing to build communities through one common language; creativity. Learn more about United by Dickies South Africa now.

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  1. Tt Gridley Waffle L/S T Shirt
    Tt Gridley Waffle L/S T Shirt
    As low as R441.00 Regular Price R629.95
  2. Dickies Fredicksburg Pullover
    Dickies Fredicksburg Pullover
    As low as R490.00 Regular Price R699.95
  3. Tt Goodland Crew Neck Jumper
    Tt Goodland Crew Neck Jumper
    As low as R910.00 Regular Price R1,299.95
  4. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.95
  5. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.95
  6. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.95
  7. Dickies Horse shoe Pullover
    Dickies Horse shoe Pullover
    As low as R649.00
  8. Dickies Stripe Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Stripe Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.00
  9. Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    Dickies Eisenhower Jacket
    As low as R899.00
  10. Dickies Rexville Jacket
    Dickies Rexville Jacket
    As low as R1,099.00

10 Items

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